Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

"Our vision is to be Industry Titans, leading from the front, bringing together powerful forces from across the globe to leverage their industry advancements and create innovative business solutions that are sustainable and community driven; and positively transform generations of people in Africa and the world"

Sigga Jagne,
Signara Global Solutions, LTD

Our Mission

We envision an Africa that is the BreadBasket and Real Estate Haven of the World, with Signara as a central driving force.

Signara Green’s key objective is to  transform African AgriBusiness through massive impact on how we grow & process crops, and how we create demand for and deliver the best quality products to the most lucrative markets.  We search around the world for innovations in AgriBusiness that are practical , cost-effective, and deploy them to efficiently solve real problems in African Agriculture.

Signara Real Estate transforms African living and working spaces and creates standards of housing, commensurate to the best global standards.  We bring together emerging industry leaders from around the world and partner them with key local players and decision-makers.  This allows us to collate the necessary human capital, funding, skill sets, and other core resources to create marvelous Real Estate Development projects in-country that rival global standard.