Africa as Bread-Basket of the World by 2030. Food Secure Africa feeding itself & the World on Organic, Life-Sustaining, Super-Foods, with a Thriving, Efficient & Profitable Agribusiness Ecosystem.


Signara makes it easy for farmers and other actors within the African agricultural space to efficiently grow high-quality “super” foods and other produce that can be sold for high-profit to markets (locally, regionally, globally). Signara achieves this by creating practical and cost-effective products, tools, and systems that are the BEST SOLUTIONS to some of the most daunting challenges in African agriculture. These solutions are deployed to the farmers and stakeholders who need them the most, and in a manner that adds the highest value to the overall Agricultural Ecosystem.

About Signara Green

Eradicating hunger is one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. How food is produced, what types of foodstuffs are consumed and how much food is wasted have major impacts on the sustainability of the world’s food system. W at Signara Green are committed to fight hunger, malnutrition and poverty in the poorest countries with our solution driven approach. Signara Green comes up with latest and healthy solutions to produce food that is rich in nutrition and have little environmental effects. Signara Green offers Enhanced efficiency fertilizer “EEF” which creates increased yields and greater profits, by reducing nutrient losses to the environment and offering a higher-performing organic-based alternative to traditional fertilizers. Less use of chemical and pesticide on regenerative farms and ranches mean less chemical pollution impacting ground and surface water, which in turn leads to healthy environment and healthy life.