A Subsidiary of Signara Global Solutions

Signara Green, is at the forefront of working with the right key-players around the globe to create an arsenal of resources in order to support and show-up for the African agribusiness ecosystem. Our aim is to create highly profitable, clean, green, highly effective and efficient value chains. We search for innovative, but practical and cost effective advancements in agricultural technology that are being currently used around the world, and we put them in the hands of local farmers. This is made possible through our partnership with local leaders on the ground who have influence over networks of farmers. With their support, we are able to translate global advancements in agriculture into environmentally friendly and regenerative farming and food production at the local level. A good example is our organic, plant-derived and mineral-infused fertilizers and pesticides that are part of the new class of enhanced efficiency farming inputs. They quickly boost crop harvest, while producing, healthier, and more nutritious crops, and helping the soil to stay healthy.