Sigga m. jagne

AgriPreneur / Environmental Innovator / Climate Smart Venturer / Land Investor /
Holistic Lifestyle Enthusiast

A Limitless Spirit, Driven By Personal Values. Sigga is Deeply Passionate About Her Dream to Transform Africa Into The Food-Basket Of The World by Marrying Smart Technology With Regenerative Agricultural Practices. She Knows It Is Possible to Have A Food-secure And Food Sufficient Africa Feeding Itself & The World On Organic, Life-sustaining, Nutritious Super-foods; With Thriving, Efficient And Highly Profitable Agricultural Ecosystems.

As the CEO of Signara Global Solutions LLC (USA & Africa), she leads teams to deploy climate-smart, environmentally innovative technology to address critical challenges in agriculture.

Signara is focused on creating full value chains that begin with restorative & regenerative farming, and include processing of the raw materials for manufacture of a range of value-added products that are sold in both local and international markets. Signara achieves this by forming robust partnerships with comprehensive local consortiums, and providing them with advances in agricultural technology that can be effectively applied within the local ecosystem. By using the approach of integrating local communities at every level of the value chain, a TRUE community-led, culturally competent model is built. This is critical in creating multiple income streams within a thriving circular local economy that transforms real lives. In an exciting application of this model, Signara and partners are working on a project to create a full value chain that includes growing & processing industrial hemp to make hempcrete bricks, that are then used to build affordable community housing. The project generates revenue from hemp products (for beauty, food, medicine, agriculture, etc) and from credits generated by the carbon-captured in the hempcrete buildings. The revenue is then injected back into the community.


Sigga M. Jagne

CEO & Founder
Signara Global Solutions LTD.
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Currently, Signara Green is providing two high efficiency solutions to address key challenges for African farmers: a safe organic, high-crop-yield fertilizer and a safe, organic pesticide that is highly effective against locusts and the fall army worm. Both are plant-based, mineral-infused, and enhanced-efficiency and provide farmers with highly profitable, greener alternatives that increase their harvest of nutritious crops. The fertilizer (AgriPower) also heals and regenerates the soil.

Signara Green (a subsidiary company) provides an Organic, high-crop-yield Fertilizer (AgriPower) and a safe, organic pesticide (AgriX SHIELD) that is effective against a variety of pests. Both are made with plants & minerals; and use nano-technology to ensure enhanced-efficiency in plant cultivation. Provides farmers with profitable, greener alternatives that increase harvest of nutritious quality crops. AgriPower heals & regenerates soil. Sigga is a life long learner about how food impacts our physical, emotional and mental HEALTH.
In her previous life, Sigga was a Global Public Health Expert and was appointed to serve for 7years as the State AIDS Director for the Commonwealth of Kentucky; a statewide $20 million program funded by the US Department of Health & Human Services (US DHHS) to provide prevention, treatment & care, and surveillance for low-income HIV+ persons.
She was elected by representatives from all 50 US states to serve as the 2009 Vice Chair for the Board of the National Alliance of State & Territorial AIDS Directors (NASTAD), and as the Chair for the Board of the Southern AIDS COALITION (SAC).
She led a team put together by the office of Governor Steve Bashear to raise funding for multi-lingual electronic Kiosks that provide women with critical health information. The eHealth Kiosks were installed in health centers within low-income communities around Kentucky.
Sigga served on multiple advisory boards for country programs funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Over more than two decades working with governments, non-profits, private companies, community based organizations, and Human-Rights and Advocacy organizations in countries across three continents (Europe, Africa, and North America). Few highlights from her past work follows:

Developed the US Virgin Islands Department of Health Program Plan for Medical Treatment and Supportive Services to Low-Income HIV positive persons and successfully secured a multi-million dollar grant from the US DHHS.

Led a collaboration of civil society and the Office of the Sierra Leone President’s Open Government Initiative to mobilize their Diaspora in the U.S. tri-state area of Washington (D.C.), Maryland, & Virginia for various Ebola prevention, awareness, and resource building initiatives.

Mobilized needed resources (via grant-writing & other fundraising) for a group of non-profit organizations in South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, and Zambia who serve homeless persons, sex slaves, HIV+ Persons, and children orphaned by HIV.

Sigga also served as Global Public Health Expert and was appointed as the State AIDS Director.
In 2011, she worked with the office of Governor Steve Bashear (father of current Governor Andy Bashear) and Raised $200,000 to install women’s eHealth Information Kiosks in Health centers located within low-income communities.
She also served as the Vice CHAIR for the Board of the National Alliance of State & Territorial AIDS Directors (NASTAD), and as the CHAIR for the Board of the Southern AIDS COALITION (SAC) and on CDC funded Advisory boards for Multiple countries.