Our Story


A mission much greater than ourselves was born out of a personal journey to heal; which led Signara’s founder to discover that “Food Truly is Medicine” and that what we consume has great impact on our wellbeing. As part of her quest, she discovered that Africans had abandoned the ways their ancestors consumed food. Previous generations ate food that was as close to the way nature made it as possible.

As an African decendant of grandparents who grew their own food, raised their own livestock, pressed their own cooking oils, and even harvested their own honey, she was troubled that this inherent “Farm-to-table, All-Natural Foods” lifestyle has all but been abandoned. Africa has become a continent that imports food that is of poor-quality, low-nutrition, over-processed, and laced with preservatives, sugar, and harmful toxins. Only a little proportion of its food is grown on the continent. And farmers in Africa uses harmful chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and other toxins causing damage to individual and community health, to the environment, and to the water systems. Her decade old journey was started while she was still head of the HIV/AIDS prevention & treatment program for the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the United States. She worked with actors in public health both at the state and national level, including communities-impacted by HIV, doctors, hospitals, medical & public health bodies, pharmacies, drug-manufacturing companies.

She observed that often the persons-infected with HIV who led healthy lifestyles, had a healthy nutritious and clean diet tend to remain healthier despite their infection. And the communities that had a high proportion of such individuals also tend to be healthier overall. This created a deep curiosity that led her to seek credible research and deeper knowledge about how what we consume impacts our individual and community health. The more she dived in, the more astounding her discoveries were. She served on public health boards that afforded her to do global work, including in Africa . She observed that there has been a gradual rise in cancer and lifestyle-diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases. Yet most Africans remain unaware that what we eat can make us healthier or create disease; and that our population’s health is buckling under the burden of a faulty and deficient food-system. Signara was created out of a burning-passion to change this status quo.