coUNTRY ProjectS


Our Partner Farmers have been reporting remarkable results fairly quickly – within a couple pf weeks.  Farmers report that within a couple of weeks, plants become more vibrant and much healthier, the leaves are much greener, and the roots are thicker. Final crop yield can increase 2X up to 6X


RICE 🌾 in SAINT LOUIS (FEPROBA Region) – VEGETABLES 🥬 in SANGALKAM Region – VEGETABLES 🍅 and FRUITS 🍉 in SEDHIOU, MAIZE, GROUNDNUT, MILLET in KAOLAC Region (FEPROMAS) : we are currently conducting demonstrations with rice farmers, vegetable farmers, fruit growers, and traditional cash crop farmers growing maize, groundnut, and millet.



RICE, COOS, MORINGA, VEGETABLES & PEAUT (I.e. Groundnut) Farmers 🌾 in THE GAMBIA : Demonstrations conducted with Rice, groundnut (peanut), and Coos farmers in THE GAMBIA


Rice 🌾, Sweet Potatoes 🍠 , Cassava): Crop demonstrations were conducted by the Njala Agricultural Research Center (NARC), which is part of the Sierra Leone Agricultural Research Institute (SLARI). The crop demonstrations were done on Sweet Potatoes and Cassava. NARC specifically reported that it used AgriX SHIELD during an outbreak of the Fall Army worm and it proved highly effective in killing this very stubborn pest that has devastated crops across Africa and the world.