December – 2014
Testimony of Charles Starr
My Use of Agripowe r 2012 – 2014
First a little history of Charles Starr. I grew up on a peanut and sweet potato farm in Texas. In the spring of 1949 1 planted 420 acres of peanuts for grandfather, W.B. Starr of Cisco, Texas. Grandfather was a tremendous influence on my life. He made an attachment to the title of his property, stating, “according to the state I own this property but in truth that is not so for I am but God’s steward; so using the land that each year it is more productive for my use and for future generations.”
Nineteen forty-nine was a momentous year for my family as we left Teas for the Pacific Northwest as migrant farm workers. I graduated from the University of Idaho with a B.S. degree in Agriculture. Five years later 1 received an M.S. degree from the University of California at Davis. For the next 20 years I worked as a fertilizer and chemical consultant and farm advisor; first with a farmer’s co-op and then with Flavorland Foods. During those years my wife and I raised 4 sons on what is now Starr Farml on the web but has been farmed as a small fruit and vegetable operation for 46 years.
We have raised strawberries, marion blackberries and vegetables for u-pick and roadside market. Since the home-grown help has been gone, I have continued the operation specializing in blueberries and a variety of vegetables.
I was introduced to AgripowerTM during the planting season in 2012. I was given product, Agripower, to use experimenting on the variety of crops in the ground and to be planted. I was first of all interested in the product because it was an all natural plant-sourced organic liquid concentrate.
I began immediately applying Agripower to crops both annual and perennial – already established. Those included marion blackberries, tomato transplants, onion sets, bell peppers, asparagus and a new planting of 2 year old blueberry plants. Agripower was diluted approximately 120 to 1 and applied at the rate of 1 liter per acre. The observed results of a single application of Agripower during the 2012 growing season was as follows:
I observed decided difference in early vegetative growth. The tomato plants grew more robust and rapidly. The end result was larger plants increased fruit size quantity and quality though some days later to harvest.
The marion blackberries were a 20-year old planting, fall trained on wire trellis. Agripower was applied on the foliage after fruit set in late May. This application did not present the dynamic difference seen with soil applications. Close observation did show some improvement in plant chlorophyll resulting in larger berries.
I sprayed Agripower the same day on a 100 ft. (part row) of 20 inch Aurora blueberry plants. The blueberry plants had been planted on raised beds where fir sawdust, elemental sulfur (100 lbs. per are), 10-20-20-6 commercial fertilizer (400 lbs. per acre) was pre-plant incorporated. After planting, saw dust mulch, 3 to 4 inches deep was applied. The blossoms were removed in 2013 and vegetative growth was noticeable greater. The row was allowed to fruit in 2014 resulting in a first year yield increase of 25%.
One of the more dramatic results occurred in my asparagus and rhubarb planting. The Agripower application was to established plantings where animal manure had been the principle nutrient source for years. Rhubarb stalks were longer and thicker, regrowth more rapid. The asparagus shoots were larger in diameter and regrowth was more rapid and extended for an additional 2 weeks of harvest.
This past season, 2014, 1 established a new garden site near our new home. The new marion blackberry planting produced first year cane production more like an established field. I expect yield results in 2015 will actually exceed that of my 20 year old plants.
The new planting of rhubarb had stalks 1 ¥2 inches in diameter and 2 foot long. I have never had rhubarb like that before.
In my 83rd year, I am looking forward to another year of enjoyable labor and a bountiful harvest.